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Moisture Mitigation Floor Systems

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Concrete Floor Leveling

Commercial Concrete Floor Leveling
Floor leveling is our specialty. No matter how large your concrete floor is, and it doesn’t matter if your floor is cracked or uneven due to settling, Tri-Cor Floor Prep is flattening Dallas / Fort Worth one floor at a time! We will provide you with a firm quote so you have no surprises

TriCor Floor Prep uses cutting edge concrete treatment services for the US from coast to coast. We specialize in moisture mitigation services, full flood overlays, floor leveling and more.

Our team is trained in meticulously preparing your floor surface for optimal restoration, removal, or resurfacing. We specialize in concrete floor systems and will give you the best foundation.


TriCor is an industry leader in the Floor Leveling Market within the Commercial, Industrial, and Multi Family Residential Sector, having leveled over hundreds of million square feet of surfaces. 


TriCor is a Preferred Installer for Ardex, Uzin, Custom Building Products, Mapei, Sika and other mitigation/leveler systems and has invested years in perfecting our Leveling System with Highly Skilled Personal along with Industry Leading Laser Systems to ensure timely installations and a finished product consisting of a smooth concrete surface ready for the strict tolerances required for installation of tiling, resilient, and hardwood floors or carpeting.

•    Filling/Flooding Pumping Systems
•    Dust Free Cement Diamond Grinding
•    Shot Blasting
•    Scarification
•    Laser verified flat and/or level floors

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Servicing Texas and the Surrounding Areas

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